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Guest Reservations with Jen

From word-of-mouth recommendations to social media, more people in the GTA/Halton area are finding their way to Jen! Reach out for a reservation by calling, use the contact form, email or DM me directly. Book online by clicking below.

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Online Booking Link

Looking forward to seeing you!

The button below conveniently redirects to my online booking area (via Fresha).


I'd Love To Hear From You

Thanks for submitting!

General Opening Hours and On-Line Booking Availability: 
Monday Salon Hours: 9:00 - 6pm
Tuesday Salon Hours: 9:00 - 6pm
Wednesday Salon Hours: 9:00 - 6pm
Thursday Salon Hours: 9:00 - 6pm
Friday Salon Hours: 9:00 - 3pm
*Weekday availability as of 6am upon request
*Saturday Salon Hours: Available upon request
*Email/Call/Text/DM for pre-9am and Sat. time slots please

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