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ZensationalhairbyJen's Satin Pillowcase Sets...

XO Good Night

In 2022 I launched my textile business, XO Good Night.  I began this journey alongside of hairstyling because I've found that some of the concerns I often see with my clients can be helped with a nightly routine of silky soft and luxurious satin.

Silk pillow and woman with sleep mask on gray background, soft luxury cushion. Pleasant sl


Why Satin?

Satin is a wonderful way to assist with less morning tangling, reduced frizz, promotes hair and lash extension longevity, is cooling, can reduce skin breakouts can be anti-aging and reduces morning fine lines.

Essentially, the slicker the fabric, the less friction while sleeping. Satin can preserve your blowout and natural fresh washed curls a few days longer than a cotton pillowcase. Click below to be re-directed to XO Good Night website and learn more.



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Of course! As professionals we want to see our clients/customers thrive!

If you'd like to learn more about wholesale opportunities and retail XO Good Night in your salon, gift shop or beauty retail store, please connect. 

Image by bruce mars
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